Viscoll®Dura collagen membrane for the repair of dura defects

The status of a medical product
Toxicological trials of the medical device are underway

Medical product description

The product is a soft, pliable, rounded, porous white matrix made of highly purified native type I collagen isolated from porcine tendons. The product is intended for use in surgical procedures that require replacement or repair of the patient’s dura mater.


Mechanism of action

The product acts as a natural extracellular matrix, which is necessary for the normal healing of damaged dura mater using the body's own regenerative potential. The implant is resorbed and replaced by the patient's own tissue within 3-6 months.

The key characteristics of a medical device

Biocompatibility, low immunogenicity and non-toxicity.

Viscoll® collagen extracted from healthy animal tissues is used to manufacture the Product. Obtaining the extract as a true solution (not a suspension) of native (not denatured) protein provides complete biochemical purification of collagen from potentially immunogenic impurities, which is controlled by appropriate immunological testing. Viscoll® collagen preparations are obtained sterile, apirogenic, completely bioresorbable and irritation-free at implantation, neither in the short nor in the long term.

Adhesive to biological tissues

Clear retention of the membrane after application to the affected dura following animal experiments, and prevents the development of cerebrospinal fluid.

Permeable to cells

Membrane is permeable to cells both in vitro and in vivo.

Adapted for the cells transplantation

Human cell culture can be pre-cultured on both surfaces of the product.



Osidak Egor Olegovich
Osidak Egor Olegovich
PhD, Principal Investigator of the Project
social-icon-AuthorID: 746462 AuthorID: 746462
Osidak Maria Sergeevna
Osidak Maria Sergeevna
Project Development Director

In vivo safety and efficacy studies of the medical device involving laboratory animals

Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Vasilyev AV, Kuznetsova VS, Galitsyna EV, Bukharova TB, Osidak EO, Fatkhudinova NL, Leonov GE, Babichenko II, Domogatsky SP, Goldshtein DV, Kulakov AA
[Biocompatibility and osteoinductive properties of collagen and fibronectin hydrogel impregnated with rhBMP-2]