• Code
    RAH C33
  • Product name
    Rabbit antibodies to human collagen type III
  • Source
    Rabbit immune serum
  • Purification
    Antigen affinity chromatography
  • Format
    Lyophilically dried antibodies
  • Package Size
    100 µg
  • Storage temperature
  • Expiration date
    1 year from the date of delivery

Anti-Collagen III antibodies

Rabbit antibodies to human collagen type III.
This Antibody was verified by Cell treatment to ensure that the antibody binds to the antigen stated.

Rabbit antibodies to human type III collagen, affinity-purified, are ideal for use in Western blot and immunohistochemistry (paraffin-embedded tissue sections), as they bind to both native and thermally denatured type III collagen. In ELISA they have the following specificity:
Human Collagen Type III 100 %
Other human collagens (I, II, IV, V) <10%