• Code
  • Product name
    Viscoll® collagen solution
  • Source
    Porcine tendons
  • Extraction
    Extraction with dilute acetic acid in the presence of pepsin
  • Purification
    Selective salt precipitation and ion-exchange chromatography
  • Sterilization
    Aseptic production
  • Format
    Collagen solution in a syringe
  • Package Size
    5.0 ± 0.1 mL
  • Concentration
    80 ± 5 mg/mL
  • Buffer
    10 mM acetic acid aqueous solution
  • Purity
    > 99% (SDS-Page)
  • Storage temperature
    from +4°С to +10°С
  • Expiration date
    1 year from the date of manufacture

Viscoll®Collagen Solution

Optimal for 3D bioprinting and the creation of dense collagen hydrogels.


Viscoll® Collagen Solution is a sterile, transparent, homogeneous, viscous-fluid colloidal solution with a concentration of type I collagen of 80 mg/ml isolated from pig tendon. This product can be used to prepare bioinks for 3D bioprinting or to form dense collagen hydrogels, either with or without cells, in any other suitable way.

    Upon agreement with the customer, the product specification can be adapted to the specific task.

  • Production period - up to 4-5 weeks
  • Shelf life - 1 year
  • For research purposes only